Bidding for travel

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When hotels and planes tell customers that there is no extra room or no seat available respectively, they are only telling him half the truth. There are rooms and seats available but they are looking for customers who can pay a higher amount than the usual marked price. There are not many times when people can actually have the opportunity to travel in a plane with a ticket brought at a price, they quoted or stayed in a hotel with the tariff quoted by them. Fortunately for people, who like calling the shots, this is also an area, where they can do the same. Bidding has been taken to a nw level altogether with the introduction of a concept called bidding for travel. This is an internet platform where one can bid or quote a price on an airline ticket or a hotel room or even rental cars. There are different sites such as hotwire and priceline where one can bag some fabulous discounts.

These sites allow the general travel options such as length of stay, the name of the city, minimum star level and so on. Next, the bidder puts in his price and his credit card number. If the database finds a match, the customer pays the price quoted and wins the bidding.

Booking A Hotel Room

Now, there are some pointers that need to be kept in mind while one is booking a hotel room. Following these pointers will help the bidder get a room as per his choice. Also there are many sites from which bidders can get high discounts.

  • Sites like Bidding For Travel (which gives out information for Priceline) and Better Bidding (which has information for Hotline and Priceline)
  • Checking out the forums of both the sites will help the bidder get options for rooms in the area of the city he wants. The sites have forums for states and certain metropolitan areas too.
  • The top posts are usually lists of hotels listed by the sites as per the area and the ratings
  • Reading up on the reviews posted by other bidders is a wise course of action, since the sites do not allow the bidders to choose the hotels.
  • One must choose either Priceline or Hotwire. Since, one must pay up incase the bid is accepted so, one site must be used to avoid double-booking.

When it comes to bidding an airline ticket, the procedure is quite similar to booking a hotel room.

If one is flexible about the plane timings and airlines, it is simple to bid for a plane ticket on Priceline. Here are the steps:

  • Sites like Bidding For Travel or Better Bidding are reliable sites
  • Sites usually have seperate categories for Airplane tickets. It is always advisable to read reviews of past bidders so that one has an idea of the kind of plane seat or airline they may be accommodated in
  • There are general options such as the date of departure and the destination which one may enter as per his choice
  • In the category of the “Name Your Own Price”, one can enter the price he wants to pay.
  • Next, passenger information must be entered in the Passenger and Ticket Information category
  • If the passenger is interested in the bid after the cost of the ticket after the fees one has to pay as the auction, the payment information form must be filled.

    The day is not far into the future when people will travel solely by bidding for their tickets and hotel rooms. Very soon this may be the most convenient way of travel.